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The price for an oil portrait painting will depend on a number of factors including the size of canvas, the pose required, the number of subjects to be painted and the detail to be painted in the subjects clothing or background. The following list will give general guidance on prices, however the factors outlined above will determine the total cost of your oil portrait painting.

All prices quoted are without frame and in Canadian Dollar.

Price List - Canadian Dollar

Head and Shoulders
Half Body 
Full Length
1 figure 2 figures 1 figure 2 figures 1 figure 2 figures
12" X 16" (30cm X 40cm) 270 320 280 - - 340 - -
16" X 20" (40cm X 50cm) 280 330 290 340 350 420
18" X 24" (45cm X 60cm) 290 340 300 350 360 430
20" X 24" (50cm X 60cm) 300 350 310 360 370 440
20" X 28" (50cm X 70cm) 310 360 320 370 380 450
20" X 30" (50cm X 75cm) 320 370 330 380 390 460
24" X 30" (60cm X 75cm) 330 380 340 390 400 470
24" X 32" (60cm X 80cm) 340 390 350 400 410 480
24" X 36" (60cm X 90cm) 350 400 360 410 420 490

The above prices are for oil portrait paintings on a plain background and  without frame.  Pet same price as person. Additional cost will be charged if detailed background to be painted or intricate details to be painted such as uniform, wedding dress or floral arrangement. For this type of oil portrait painting please send a copy of your photograph by email or mail for our best quotation. There is no additional charge for changing the color of hair and clothing, removing glasses or jewellery, etc.

Maximum two figures of head and shoulders on the size of 12" X 16" (30cm x 40cm) painting.

***Big Saving***
We pay handling charges, insurance and shipping charges to any destination world-wide.

Payment Terms :
Payment in full with order, by bank draft or money order drawn on a Canadian bank. Please make bank draft and money order payable to MELC Studios.

Delivery :
Delivery will be effected within 4 - 6 weeks after receipt of your order. Please send your order by registered mail and allow 10 days for your order to reach us. Each oil portrait painting will be packed in roll with P.V.C. sheet and then in postal tube. You will be advised by email (if you provided) or by mail when your oil portrait painting was despatched.

Unusual Satisfaction Guarantee :
We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and operate a simple guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the oil portrait painting you commissioned, return it within 30 days for a money refund. (less shipping and handling charges)

Money back as a rule, is never offered on personalized items because they are useless to anyone else, yet .... so sure are we that you will be thrilled and delighted, that we guaranteed each oil portrait painting to be a work of art with living likeness or your money (less shipping and handling charge) is refunded. Guarantee of satisfaction includes retouching, repainting or money refunded, therefore it assures you that you must be satisfied with the finished work and you will be delighted with the results.

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oil portrait painting

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oil portrait painting

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